Coach Pat Summitt taught always reminded her players that they can accomplish more together than they could apart. This is important to remember these days, and something we want to focus on with our Week 4 Definite Dozen© Challenge: 

Write down something you've been struggling with since the COVID-19 Quarantine started. Then ASK FOR HELP with this item from a friend, family member, or team member. 

Others can bring forward new approaches and experiences that can help you tackle your challenge from a mroe strategic angle. Our weaknesses can become our strengths when we can acknowledge we need help. But this only happens if we are strong enough to ask for help. Working hard is all about passion, effort, and energy. Working smart is about strategy, patience, and flexibility.  If you can learn to combine the two, nothing can stop you from getting to where you want to go. That applies both to basketball, and to life. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, and STAY INSIDE!