Coach Pat Summitt understood that there was a secret to making hard work your passion which she always tried to share with anyone that would listen. Hard work is about momentum. The more you work hard, the easier it becomes, and the harder it is to surrender.  Like we talked about a few weeks ago, Coach Summitt also knew that the best way to build momentum was to run uphill first, because then sprint to startIn our Week 2 Definite Dozen© Challenge, we: 

Write down something you've been procrastinating to complete in 2020. Then right down the day THIS WEEK that you are committed to completing it.

When you do the hard stuff first, you create momentum for yourself for anything else you need to complete that day, because it will all be easy compared to the task you were dreading. Your stress will lift off your shoulders, and you'll have more focus to apply to the things you enjoy. When we procrastinate, our responsibilities don't go away. They tend to just become more challenging or burdensome. But when you work hard, you inspire others to do the same, which will only add to your momentum. 



Join us on social media as we help to hold each other accountable for each week's challenge. If you're serious about this week's challenge, prove it by taking a picture and posting it on Instagram. Add #DefinitelyHardWork and we will send you some inspiration and a reminder later this week to GET IT DONE! We're happy to be your cheer squad. laterGet social while practicing social distancing! Join us this Saturday for an Ask Me Anything with (related to basketball!) with a NCAA Championship player. Share any challenge and you'll get honest feedback from one of the best in the business when it comes to basketball. Set a reminder for yourself on Facebook!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and STAY INSIDE!