Pat Summitt taught each of her players a simple lesson about disciplining themselves before others had to by challenging them to make their beds first thing each day. So, let’s start there with our Week 1 Definite Dozen© Challenge: 

Make your bed first thing when you rise each morning. And don’t just make your bed, do it perfectly!

Once you instill this simple action as a habit, choose another task you used to put off and get it done first.  Coach Pat Summitt 'encouraged' each of her Lady Vols players to do this every day, so join the family and start your day like a national champion. 


Get social while practicing social distancing! Take a picture of your perfectly made bed and post it on Instagram or Twitter with #DefiniteDiscipline and follow Pat Summitt Coaching Solutions and you'll get a special pat on the back from Coach Pat Summitt, herself. ;)

Stay healthy, stay safe, and STAY INSIDE!