"Nine-tenths of discipline is having the patience to do things right."

For any players with a propensity for doing more than the rules allowed, Coach Pat Summitt loved fostering the myth (though it wasn’t all that far from the truth) that she was ever-present and omniscient, because though she was known as a strict disciplinarian, her hope was to never have to discipline.  Instead, by being firm, fair, and consistent, she wanted to instill self-discipline because she knew that was the most enduring, effective, and positive form of discipline. She demanded nothing less from herself.

Our quote this week speaks directly to that same spirit. Now, more than ever, discipline is about what you do when you no one is looking. Don't let social distancing turn into bad habits. 

Download a full-size high-resolution version of this quote as a poster below. If you're ready for more, check out our weekly "Coach's Challenge." This week's challenge will ask you to start your day the same way Pat Summitt did. She coached each of her players with this challenge. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, and STAY INSIDE!